RTI – MICRO EMPLOYERS¬†will be given another two years’ grace from compliance with real-time PAYE reporting requirements.

The deadline for compliance with real-time PAYE reporting (RTI) will be April 2016 for businesses with fewer than ten employees. Those with up to 49 employees will have up to April 2014 – itself an existing easement to send PAYE information about their employees in real time.

The latest easement, however, will also not extend to those that start up during the period.

HMRC’s director general for personal tax, Ruth Owen, said it had been “appreciated” that this had presented the smallest businesses “some challenges”. “This package strikes a good balance by ensuring RTI improves PAYE processes while minimising the impact on micro businesses and their agents by giving them up to two years to adapt.”

It is unfortunate that the existing easement has not been extended for those with 49 or fewer employees.